"An icon... that embodies the talent to create masterpieces out  of  the words,dreams and aspirations of writers, poets and other artists."

~ 1'MOpoeticSoul, Author ~

"As a first time author, I poured all my soul into my work. I needed someone to treat my work with the same energy and love. I was walked through the process with kindness and understanding.I am well pleased as to how the books turned out, and with the price. I recommend Prysmatic Dreams to anyone wanting to publish."

~ Keith Taylor, Author ~

"It is my honor & pleasure to enlighten you about the professionalism and personal care of Prysmatic Dreams Publushing. They have made dreams come true by watering the seeds that God planted in our young authors. Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do." 

~ Margo Stewart, Creatively Thinking Founder/Dir. ~

"If it weren't for Prysmatic Dreams Publishing, I would not have been able to publish my books. The personal one on one treatment helped me to have the confidence to publish my book, as well as giving me, the author, exactly what I wanted." 

~ Huniie The Messenger, Author ~


"Prysmatic Dreams Publishing is what artists are looking for...a company that pours its heart and soul into your printing and creative needs. Beautiful, inspiring and cost friendly creations and publishing that looks absolutely amazing when completed!"

~ Stephanie Irby-Suell, Author, Poetess, Activist ~

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