Tribal Raine

In The Shadow of My Ancestors

$ 15 USD

We all walk in the shadows of those who came before and we must all carry a torch for those who will come after... but somewhere in between, we must endeavor to make our own paths without repeating the mistakes of our ancestors." - Tribal Raine


Diaspora's Children- White Cover

$ 20.00 USD

8.5 x 11 Book with large print

Slippery When Whet

$ 10.00 USD

Portraits of My People

$ 13.00 USD

Inner Portraits of My People” embraces the journeys of people who have only just begun to tell their stories...  The messages within these poems  reveal the heart and soul of our people… laid open and bared for society’s scrutiny. 

Shades of Blackness...

$ 10.00 USD

Maximum Impact 

 End Game!!

Ft.  Max Parthas & Tribal Raine

$ 13.00 USD

The Love Slave Chronicles: Slippery When Whet II

$ 15 USD

Diaspora's Children

$ 15.00 USD

A verbal (Poetic)  history of the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of peoples of ethnic descent.



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